Sardinian Sanctuary

It is never too early to start thinking about the summer holidays. The earlier you start planning for it the better to ensure you have the best time imaginable for the lowest price. (Sounds great right? Honestly, even my heart starts racing with excitement when I know I’m getting value for money)

Weather is a big factor for me on holiday, minimal rain, maximum sun! Summer holidays can be a bit bitter sweet, the kids are off, quality time would be nice, you want to go somewhere amazing but it’s the most expensive time of year to travel, next to Christmas. I feel your pain.
I can’t give you weather guarantees but the Mediterranean is wonderful in July and August. Some parts and islands may be too hot for some people in August but if you know how to protect yourself from sunburn and plan ahead to find the perfect hotel or property that gives you options to do the things you love when you want to get out of the sun around midday til 3 pm, you can’t go wrong.

Our Sardinian holiday home

One of my favourite destinations in the world and one of the only places I have ever wanted to buy a holiday home is Sardinia. They call the Costa Smeralda “the Bahamas of the Mediterranean”. And it really is! Turquoise waters, wonderful food, pristine beaches, sophisticated Italian elegance and just an all round great time!

View from our holiday home

If you book in advance a return flight with British Airways can cost £100 each! If, like me, you have Vitality private healthcare and you use the membership and its benefits to its maximum capacity, you can get a discount of up 40% off your European flights with BA! I spent £160 pound for 2 flights in high season last year to this little piece of paradise. Flight time to Olbia is less than 2,5 hours.

We drive around and got lost – it was magical

The first time we went, we stayed in a hotel but after renting a car and seeing how easy it is to get around I was keen to experience life as a local. And last summer we did just that, I spent weeks researching properties on AirBnB in Sardinia and found the perfect little 2 bedroom outhouse on a hilltop overlooking 2 beaches, with an infinity pool and immaculate gardens about 30 minutes drive from the airport.

La Maddalena – town centre

In the mornings we would enjoy the spectacular views while having breakfast on our patio and go for a little swim in the pool. After lunch we usually hit the beach when the sun is less hot and we can watch the sunset from the shores. You must try one of the many family-run restaurants for dinner. The local fish dishes are delicious and ending every meal with a home-made tiramisu is a Sardinian tradition I have with my daughter that I highly recommend.

Hmmm tiramisu!!!

A day trip and boat ride to the Maddalena National Park is blissful. The drive is serene through the country-side and windy roads, followed by the 15 minute ferry crossing, will always go down well with the kids. And there you can explore this picturesque town, you can rent a boat to go around the different islands or simply drive it and go off the beaten track. We have done all of it and I can honestly say there isn’t anything I don’t love about Sardinia.

Exploring La Maddalena islands

Word of caution: it is a very popular destination for residents of mainland Italy in August and apparently it can get quite congested at that time. We have always flown there as soon as school is out in the last week of July and returned in the first few days of August and it has never been short of perfection.

Being silly ☺️☺️

A version of this blog was published in The Voice Newspaper