The flow of life… with you, my love

The flow of life with you, my love

By Rachel Ritfeld


It’s 4.41 in the morning

It’s dark

I can hear the sounds of the waves as they break against the reef

The water rolling ever so gently onto the sands of the beach

I can’t see it

but I know it is near me as I sit on the side

staring up above

and at the same time… staring deep into my heart


My senses have never been so heightened

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean,

I look up and I have no words as I stare up at the stars

Constellation after constellation

they are bright, so bright

as they stand confidently side by side

close enough for companionship

far enough for independence

Yet they stand united


The joy and gratitude that wraps itself around my shoulders feels so warm

Familiar and loving

as the stars give me some sort of reassurance

That this is my path

I don’t know where it leads

But I know right now it is where I’m meant to be


But … why am I crying?


A dark reminder that even when the clouds move in front of them

and for a moment I see nothing

I know they are there

twinkling behind



waiting to reveal themselves as if to say

you can always count on us.


Each time my heart hurts, I spiritually move a little closer to nature.

There must have been a lot of sadness

as I now feel security and strength and reassurance only in my travels

Nature doesn’t judge

Even in a storm

I know never to fear

it is part of life


be calm…

the sun will reappear.


In the day the fish swam around me as I gently observed their beautiful homes.

close enough to feel accepted

far enough to be respected


And I wonder, what it is that makes this concept so hard for people?

Perhaps it’s me?

I feel like the world is to be explored.

I want to see it

smell it

touch it

admire it

taste every fruit as the sun ripens it

knowing, this is as close to god as I will be on earth


I do it not to hurt you

I do it to free me

not from you, my love.


But just like stars

I know I will reappear confidently by your side

as should you



Free from the many forms of sadness I have endured

the sky

the waves

they reminded me time and time again that the universe will not let me down

It’s the flow of life… at times we are close, at times we are far

but I am always present


Close your eyes and open your heart

I left a part of me behind

Inside you

So you would know

I am always coming back to you


Close enough to stand confidently united

connected by the energy we can’t deny

Yet far enough to stand independently

Inspiring each other to stand tall

follow your own dreams

and know

Know I would never leave your side

just like the constellations I hoped we would one day see together


All of us



No rush

No fear

Like the flow of the waves

Confidently know I am present and I am coming home.