Uganda Diary: the majestic Mweja Safari Lodge

Imagine a 7 hour drive from Uganda’s capital, Kampala: Some parts of the drive are smooth, others not so much. Just when I think I can’t sit for another minute, we arrive at Queen Elizabeth National Park. I find a new leash of life as we drive through this epic park; passing a hippopotamus who we rudely interrupted as she was crossing the dirt road we were driving on. Moments later, 2 hyenas showed up out of nowhere chasing each other… and then, the most epic experience, a family of 3 elephants were strolling along no more than 50 feet away.

And all this before we had even reached Mweya Safari Lodge (, sat proudly on a hill top overlooking the Kazinga Channel which connects Lake George and Lake Edward.

Image credit: Mweja Safari Lodge

After momentarily admiring our lovely cottage in traditional Ugandan decor, we made our way to lunch.
The view from the restaurant was breathtaking, while feasting on our delicious buffet we could see families of buffalos, hippos, gazelles, crocodiles and elephants all joining together for a drink along the shores.
Then followed the water safari at sunset; drinks and canapés served on this luxurious boat trip along the channel while observing the majestic wildlife in their natural habitat.
The next morning we went on a private game drive. With nearly 2000 square kilometres of roaming space in the park, it’s not always easy to find lions. We nearly gave up hope when suddenly the driver sped up as he got informed over the radio of a lion sighting…. And there she was, alone and proud, staring at us while we stared at her. Mweja, you were breathtaking. #lifeisrosie

Image credit: Mweja Safari Lodge