WINTRADE business trade summit launch in Houses of Parliament

On the 26th of September 2017 WINTRADE (Women in Trade) business trade summit was launched in the Houses of Parliament.

It was my first invitation to the iconic Houses of Parliament and to be there as one of only 50 invited women in business, felt so empowering.

Baroness Verma (Chairman of the European External Affairs Committee) opened with an inspiring speech about the challenges of being a woman in business, many, including myself, could relate to how hard it is to wear so many hats all at once: the expectation to be a great hands-on mom, a great partner, a great friend, and combining that with a successful business is a lot to deal with.

Then the moment came when she singled out to stand up and talk about who I am and what I do…. to be honest my heart jumped, I was very nervous but the opportunity to speak in the Houses of Parliament, is not one to be passed up on.

Over the course of those 3 days (I only attended the first 2 days due to other work commitments) we had incredible talks and workshops on support in business hosted at the London School of Economics, Deloitte and the Dutch Embassy.

With Carmen Breeveld (president of the European Federation of Women in Business) at the Dutch Embassy for Wintrade 2017